Center of Attention

Center of Attention

I received a comment on my last blog post that asked about centerpieces. So, here are a few thoughts for choosing or creating centerpieces:

1. Use common household items.

Household fall decorations often include autumn colored leaves which can easily be attached to decorative candles to create a simple, yet elegant centerpiece.

book centerpiece
Pairing a few books with a mason jar full of flowers or candles creates a beautiful focus piece.

wood centerpiece
For those who live in the country, wood is easily accessible and provides a rustic alternative.

2. Use edible components.

Coating a bowl or vase in sprinkles makes for a colorful and playful piece.

chocolate bunny mason jar
The chocolate bunny can be eaten and enjoyed when the party is over.

cupcake centerpiece
fruit centerpiece
The use of fruits, vegetables, or even cupcakes allows guests to enjoy a centerpiece that is both visually and tastefully appealing.

3. Keep it simple . . . and short!

pebbles blue
Surrounding a simple centerpiece with sand or pebbles gives it a classier look.

Complicated centerpieces are distracting. Simple statement pieces are softer and elegant.

tall centerpiece
Stay away from extreme, extravagant, or excessively tall centerpieces that guests will not be able to see around or over.

If you enjoyed these, check out my Pinterest board – Event Planning – to find even more!

*All pictures were taken from Pinterest and links have been provided to credit original sources.

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