Why a Wedding?

Why a Wedding?

Why go through all of the fuss of planning an affair like a wedding? Why not just say “I do” at the courthouse in front of the required witnesses and be done with it? When did wedding turn into such a big deal . . . and why?

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According to marriagebuilders.com, the most important reason for a wedding is for the bride and groom to recite their vows to each other before God and witnesses. Promises made in secret can be difficult to keep. However, when these vows are made in front of family and friends, there is a greater sense of accountability. These promises establish the foundation of the couple’s new marriage. This is the purpose of a wedding.



This week, I had the opportunity to talk to a good friend about her upcoming wedding. Hannah Griffith will become Mrs. Fellmeth just a few weeks! She shared with me a few ways that she will be celebrating her big day.

Hannah has chosen to have Scripture read in her ceremony in addition to sacred musical selections. She will be married by her father, Pastor Craig Griffith, in her home church. At the reception, Hannah and Jake will also share their testimonies with their guests.

Hannah has planned her wedding around the focus on a godly relationship and marriage and her intent to share the day and her vows with her family and friends. She and her fiancé have dedicated themselves to Christ and have decided to follow His leading in their lives.

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