‘Appy Day!

‘Appy Day!

In today’s day and age, technology is huge. We believe we can’t live without it. You wouldn’t be on this blog without some form of technology use. Well, technology can be a blessing or a curse. In this case, I’m arguing for blessing because, as one of my friends always says, “There’s an app for that.” Party planning has been made so much simpler with the use of apps. People are constantly developing new apps for all sorts of different things and there are too many to count. Just this semester, a group in my Senior Business Strategy Capstone class developed a new app centered around wedding planning. And the best part? Most of these apps are available for FREE!

So what’s out there? These apps have been listed among the best and most popular event planning apps.

pro party planner 3 Pro Party Planner

This app allows you to set reminders, build shopping lists, create seating charts, manage guests, and keep track of your budget. It allows for easy communication among guests and co-planners, as well as stress-free progress tracking.

evernote Evernote

Evernote is great for keeping everything organized during the planning process. Any and every type of image, text, notes, and web pages can be added with this app. Tags can be set for easy classification.


I love Pinterest! On my own, I’m not super creative or artistic. But with ideas from Pinterest as my basis, I’ve been able to come up with some pretty awesome stuff. This app is so helpful for coming up with themes, activities, decorations, or plain and simple inspiration.

These are just a few of the apps available at our finger tips. Go explore and see what you can find!

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